Remote Session Strings & Strings Composition

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Remote Session Recording in our Home Studio

With the ability to record violin, viola, cello and double bass, we can offer any string instrument combination from solo to full strings orchestra from our home studio.

With over 1000 projects worldwide completed to date, we have a wealth of experience in composing, arranging and recording strings and can guarantee a high quality result.

We work with Logic X and record with a stereo pair of Rode M5 condenser microphones through a Focusrite interface.

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Booking a Remote Studio Session

If you are interested in booking us for your project, contact us with the following information:

  • If the string parts are being recorded over an existing track or replacing MIDI files, please attach the track for reference.
  • Please state the duration of recording and amount of instruments required (if unsure, we are happy to advise).
  • Attach any sheet music or individual instrumental MIDI files you may have. If you would rather, we are happy to compose strings for you.
  • Let us know whether you require the recordings to be at 44 or 48khz.
  • Any other useful information e.g. BPM.
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What’s in your Remote Studio Package

A recording delivery will include each individual dry stem as a .wav file and a rough reference mix as a .mp3.

Optional extras include

String Composition

If you know you’d love strings in your project but don’t know where to begin, we are happy to write our own parts.

We can include our written sheet music as .pdf or .xml files as a part of the delivery.


If you would like a video (or several) of our playing to accompany our audio, we are happy to do this.

Videos will be filmed on HD capable smart phones/GoPro and can be provided in a variety of formats. Videos will be cut to the appropriate length and will be overdubbed with the recorded audio for easy syncing.

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What people say

These two are incredible

These two are incredible. They delivered a high-quality recording that captured all the nuance they put into their performance. My music has never sounded better. They also did it ahead of schedule!

Talented and fluent with their instruments

Severnduo is the real deal. Everything they do is GOLDEN. It is obvious they are talented and fluent with their instruments. It is a bonus that they are also wonderful people, ever courteous and prompt with my projects. Thank you!

C’est vraiment une super expérience

La communication a été très fluide, et ils ont vraiment compris la finesse et le détail que je recherchais. Leur propositions étaient vraiment équilibrées, expressives et il n’y avait rien à redire. C’est vraiment une super expérience d’avoir travaillé avec vous sur mon morceau!

Awesome quality recordings!

Awesome quality recordings! Just what I needed! Jess and Tom are a very professional musicians and a class act. Try for the entire quartet!

Such gifted musicians

Tom and Jess have done it again, absolutely love the string accompaniment to my piano track! A beautiful arrangement, perfectly composed and recorded and mixed superbly. Such gifted musicians, no wonder I keep coming back!!

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Example tracks

Solo Instrument

String Duo

String Quartet

String Orchestra

Our favourite projects